Infrastructure Projects

Reykjanes – Keflavík Motorway 2006–2008 
The expansion of Reykjanesbraut is a major undertaking that began in 2006 and is still ongoing. Eykt built all the bridges at the 14 intersections.

Bridge in Kolgrafarfjörður 2004
The bridge over Kolgrafarfjörður crosses a shallow fjord, where there are high tidal differentials, resulting in very high currents at the change of the tide. The bridge is amongst the longest bridges in Iceland, 230 m long, with a heavy landfill on both sides of the bridge. Columns were cast down to 6 m below sea level, and the longest span, which was tensioned in one pass during the construction of the bridge, is about 155 m. Probably there never was a post-tensioning of such a long span in Iceland before this time. The project was completed in March 2004, a year ahead of schedule.

Bridge and Underpass at Úlfarsá river 2005
Eykt built three bridges together with a pedestrian bridge and an underpass for the State Road Authority, over and at Úlfarsá river on the outskirts of Reykjavík.