About Eykt

Byggingarfélagið Eykt (Eykt Constructions) was founded in 1986 and is amongst the largest construction companies in Iceland. The company has always evolved and operated with a long-term perspective in mind. The goal of the company is to be a knowledge-based construction company, and the following objectives form the basis for the company’s philosophy:

  • Eykt plans to be amongst the leading construction companies of the country and will ensure, with a systematic quality control program and the best equipment, that the products are always in accordance with the defined standards of the company.
  • Eykt adjusts its production and services to the needs of their clients, with continuous improvements.
  • Eykt applies a powerful quality control system to ensure excellent customer service and proper delivery.
  • Eykt is based on decades of experience and specialised personnel in management and the planning of complex projects
  • Eykt will contribute to the best health of their employees and always ensure their safety at the workplace.
  • Eykt is actively involved in promoting and planning urban development in the country in co-operation with local municipalities and other public institutions.